Reaching the unreachable !!

1300 long express way:

Therefore it is a good news that Union Road Minister Nitin Gadkari announced the first 1300 km long express highway project in the remotest northeast region.  The expressway will be developed along the Brahmaputra river in Assam and the estimated investment is of Rs 40,000 crore will be funded.

The announcement was made at the closing ceremony of the ‘Namami Brahmaputra’ festival by the minister.   To further cement the news, he requested the Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal to carry out land acquisition work for the modern road.

Further, an agreement was signed by three parties ie between  Assam government, the National Highways Authority of India and the Inland Waterways of India for dredging and clear the road and to begin the construction of the express highway in Assam.  The Centre will dredge the Brahmaputra river from Sadia in upper Assam to increase navigational channels up to Chittagong port in Bangladesh.

The minister said that the express highway will be Axis-controlled and vehicles will be able to play at very high speed. Additionally, the government will provide funds for the development of 56 jetties on the banks of Brahmaputra and begin operation of five more Roll-On and Roll-Off vessels to improve waterway communication in the state.  The central government has also taken an initiative with various states to provide constant power for all.

The private sector is undertaking many projects in this region thus opening up the region for business and growth. The northeast region is opening up as 16 hydropower projects aggregating to 5,576 MW are currently at various stages of construction there, which includes Sikkim, for the growth and development.  This was announced by Development of North East Region Minister Jitendra Singh. He also added that about 10 hydel power projects are being constructed in Sikkim by the private sector. Among the projects which are already underway are the three projects are in Arunachal Pradesh.  They are Subansiri Lower (National Hydro Power Corporation), and the Kameng and Pare projects under the North Eastern Electric Power Corporation (Neepco) and another project in the state of Gongri are also underway. In Mizoram, Neepco is constructing the Turial hydropower project and in Meghalaya, the New Umtru hydropower project is being constructed by the state government.

Currently, 10 projects with an installed capacity of 1,242 MW are in operation in the northeastern region. Additionally, their hydro electric projects with an installed capacity of 669 MW are in operation in Sikkim.  Furthermore, thermal power plants with the total installed capacity of 1,000 MW are under development in the region. Gas-based Palatana Power Plant (Unit II) of 726 MW in Tripura has been commissioned on December 1, 2014.




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