Customs House Agents


If you are an importer/exporter you absolutely need not worry about the import and export customs formalities.

We are Indian licensed Customs House Agents who will on your behalf, interact with customs officials to complete all the required export and import clearance procedures and formalities fast and smoothly.

Our services as a CHA are not simply limited to the clearing of the import and export consignment.

We also load/unload imported or exported goods from/at the site of the exporter/importer,do the packing, weight measurement and transport the export goods to the customs station or the import goods from the custom station to the importers’ premises.

We even carry out the statutory and other formalities such as payment of octroi expenses ,fumigation, drawback/DEEC processing, survey /amendment fees, dock fees, repairing and examination charges, landing and container charges, statutory labour charges, testing fees, drug control formalities, sorting /marking/stamping/sealing.